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Nevada Underground Storage Tank Permit (18-NV-a)

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) administers the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program for the State of Nevada. Notification of UST use is required before any underground storage activities commence.

Underground Storage Tank Permit Process

18-NV-a.1 to 18-NV-a.2 – Is the Project Located in Washoe or Clark County

Clark County Health District and Washoe County District Health Department perform UST inspections in their jurisdictions via inter-local contracts with the NDEP. In all other counties the NDEP performs UST inspections.

18-NV-a.3 – Notification for Underground Storage Tank (Form 7530)

NDEP, as the Federal UST program implementing agency in the State, has no requirements to obtain any permits for the installation, repair, upgrading or closure of underground storage tanks.

However, any of the above work being performed on a UST system located in Clark County or Washoe County must be approved by that county's health department. Both, the Southern Nevada Health District and Washoe County District Health Department are contracted by NDEP to oversee the above UST work and may require permits and/or fees.

For federally regulated USTs, a State Certified Tank Handler must supervise and acknowledge responsibility for work performed. Submittal of an EPA Form 7530-1 is required to insure NDEP is notified and to maintain accurate information in the State database. For non-federally regulated tanks no registration requirements exist and no Certified Tank Handler is required for installation, repair, upgrading, or closure activities.

New USTs: If you install a new regulated UST you must notify the NDEP within 30 days of putting the UST into operation. A UST is in operation if it contains or has ever contained a regulated substance. If the UST is in Clark or Washoe counties you must also notify that county's health agency. Notification is made using EPA notification Form 7530. Prior to installation you should also contact local fire, building and health agencies to ensure compliance with all local ordinances.

Existing USTs: If you come into ownership of an existing UST you must notify the NDEP using Form 7530. If the UST is in Clark or Washoe counties you must also notify that county's health agency. Any person who sells a facility with a regulated UST must inform the purchaser that he/she must notify the NDEP of new ownership. The seller should also provide the UST implementing agency with contact information of the new owner.

Closing USTs: You must notify the NDEP at least 30 days prior to permanent closure of a regulated UST. If the UST is in Clark or Washoe counties you must also notify the county health agency.

18-NV-a.4 – Consult with Local Building and Fire Departments to Verify all Local Requirements are Met

Additional permits may be required by local governments under local laws or ordinances. Check with your local building and fire departments to verify whether additional local requirements exist.

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