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Idaho Wastewater Pretreatment Permit (18-ID-c)

Industrial wastewater permits are issued at the local level. If wastewater is not discharged into a municipal sewer system, the nonpoint source and NPDES permit inquiries are sufficient. A common approach to wastewater treatment is to treat on-site. See Idaho's On-Site Wastewater Systems Idaho On-Site Wastewater Systems Webpage.

Wastewater Pretreatment Permit Process

18-ID-c.1 - Does the project require the discharge of wastewater into a municipal sewer system

The key consideration for this permit is whether the project's wastewater discharges into a municipal sewer rather than other forms of disposal. The county must give the project permission, by permit, to use the local sewer system. Often a condition of disposal is pre-treatment.

18-ID-c.2 to 18-ID-c.3 - Initiate Local Industrial Wastewater Permit

This section has not yet been developed because it is a local level permit. The process could vary depending on the project's county.

Local Industrial Wastewater Permit:

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