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Colorado Aboveground Storage Tank Permit (18-CO-f)

Information current as of 2019
A (person) developer may need to obtain a Colorado Aboveground Storage Tank permit for the “design, installation, registration, construction, and operation of storage tanks” used to store petroleum and other regulated substances not classified as hazardous waste under Subtitle C of the Solid Waste Disposal Act. 7 CCR 1101-14 § 1-1.

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Oil and Public Safety Division (Division) has the authority to regulate and promulgate rules for aboveground storage tanks. Colorado – C.R.S. 8-20.5-302, Duties of Division of Oil and Public Safety – Aboveground Storage Tanks. The Division regulates aboveground storage tanks pursuant to Colorado Code of Regulations 7 CCR 1101-14, Underground Storage Tanks and Above Ground Storage Tanks, Colorado – C.R.S. 8-20.5-301 et seq., Aboveground Storage Tanks, and Colorado – C.R.S. 8-20.5-101 et seq., Petroleum Storage Tanks-Administration to reduce damage to the environment and risk to the public caused by leaking petroleum storage tanks and other regulated substances stored in aboveground tanks. Colorado – C.R.S. 8-20.5-301 et seq., Aboveground Storage Tanks.

Aboveground Storage Tank Permit Process

18-CO-f.1 to 18-CO-f.2 — Is the Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) System Excluded?

Colorado regulation CRS 8-20.5-101(2)(b) excludes the following aboveground storage tank (AST) or AST systems from regulation:

  • Any AST systems that contain a de minis concentration of regulated substances;
  • Any AST systems containing radioactive material regulated under the Atomic Energy Act;
  • ASTs used to store liquefied petroleum gases that are not liquid at standard temperature and pressure;
  • Equipment or machinery that contains regulated substances for operational purposes; and
  • Aboveground storage tanks used to store heating oil for consumptive use on the premises where stored.

For a complete list of excluded AST systems, see: 7 CCR 1101-14 § 3-1(b).

18-CO-f.3 — Aboveground Storage Tank Permit Application; Site Plan

A developer must submit a complete Aboveground Storage Tank Permit Application (application) to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Oil and Public Safety Division (Division) before beginning construction on any:

7 CCR 1101-14 § 3-2-3(a)(1)(i)-(ii). This requirement applies to alterations made to tanks, piping, or equipment affecting their operation, to containment (diking or impounding), and to the security provisions of 7 CCR 1101-14 § 3-2-1(i)(5) or (6). The application must include a Site Plan that demonstrates a dimension drawing of the facility that:

  • Shows the name and address of the facility;
  • Location of existing tanks and piping that will remain at the facility, as well as new tanks and piping proposed in the application;
  • Location of dispensers and buildings at the facility;
  • Location of loading/unloading facilities;
  • Location of guard posts and fences;
  • Location of property lines; and
  • Location and names of streets adjacent to the facility.

7 CCR 1101-14 § 3-2-3(a)(2)(i)-(ii).

Also, note regulated AST systems must also comply with performance standards and location and installation procedures pursuant to 7 CCR 1101-14 § 3-2 and 7 CCR 1101-14 § 3-2-2.

18-CO-f.4 to 18-CO-f.6 — Review Application Materials for Completeness

The Division must review the AST permit application materials for completeness. During this review, the Division may inspect the AST, to verify that Developer constructed the facility according to plan. 7 CCR 1101-14 § 3-2-3(b)(2).

The Division may deny or revoke an AST permit if the AST permit application is not complete, is inaccurate, misrepresents facts, or not in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association codes. 7 CCR 1101-14 § 3-2-3(c)(2)-(3).

18-CO-f.7 — Aboveground Storage Tank Permit

The Division may deny the permit application if the application, the AST installation or operation is not in conformance with 7 CCR 1101-14 or is not in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association codes. 7 CCR 1101-14 § 3-2-3(c)(1).

18-CO-f.8 — Notify Division Prior to Use of Tank

The developer must notify the Division with a 72-hour notice prior to filling the tank system. 7 CCR 1101-14 § 3-2-3(b)(2).

18-CO-f.9 — Annual Registration Notice

A developer must submit a complete AST Registration Notice form annually to the Division in accordance with 7 CCR 1101-14 § 3-2-4. The registration must include information regarding each tank owned or operated at the facility.

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