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Colorado Underground Injection Control Permit (14-CO-c)

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not delegated authority to Colorado to regulate Class V underground injection control wells. However, the construction of Class V injection wells used to reinject spent geothermal fluids is regulated by the Colorado Division of Water Resources and requires a geothermal reinjection well drilling permit.

Underground Injection Control Permit Process

14-CO-c.1 – Drilling and Well Development

The developer should initiate the Drilling and Well Development process. See Flowchart 5-CO-a – Drilling and Well Development.

Drilling and Well Development:

14-CO-c.2 – EPA UIC Process

Additionally, developers seeking underground injection control wells for geothermal activities must receive authority from Region 8 of the EPA. See Flowchart 14-FD-c - EPA UIC Process.

EPA UIC Process:

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