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Washington Hydropower Facility Licensing, Certification, Safety, & Regulation(7-WA)

Washington does not have state specific facility licensing, certification, or dam safety review processes.

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Permitting at a Glance

Certificate of Public Good/Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (Certificate): Washington does not have a state specific comprehensive facility licensing process for hydropower development.
Small Hydropower Definition: Washington does not currently have a small hydropower program.
Renewable Portfolio Standard Process (RPS): Washington requires all utilities procure 15% of their retail sales from eligible renewable energy resources by 2020.
RPS Eligible: Hydroelectric generation projects are eligible for compliance under RPS if incremental electricity produced as a result of efficiency improvements completed after March 31, 1999, are made to:

i) Hydroelectric projects owned by a utility subject to this standard and located in the Pacific Northwest; or to

ii) Hydroelectric generation in irrigation pipes and canals located in the Pacific Northwest, where the additional generation in either case does not result in new water diversions or impoundments.
RPS Regulatory Agency: Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS)

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