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Kentucky Hydropower Transmission & Interconnection(8-KY)

In Kentucky, a developer may need a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity from the Kentucky Public Service Commission before providing utility service to or for the public or beginning the construction of a plant, equipment, property or facility. KY. Rev. Stat. Ann. §278.020(1) (2016).

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Regulated Entity Definition: A Public Utility includes any person or corporation who owns, controls, operates or manages any facility used or to be used for the purpose of generation, production, transmission or distribution of electricity to the public KY. Rev. Stat. Ann. §278.010(3) (2011)
Transmission Interconnection Request Process (Interconnection Request): "No utility shall begin the construction or installation of any property, equipment, or facility to establish an electrical interconnection with a merchant electric generating facility in excess of ten megawatts (10MW) until the plans and specifications for the electrical interconnection have been filed with the commission" KY. Rev. Stat. Ann. §278.212(1) (2002)
Interconnection Request Regulatory Agency: Kentucky Public Service Commission
Interconnection Request Threshold: All generating facilities seeking interconnection must apply with the Kentucky Public Service Commission.

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