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Indiana Hydropower Facility Licensing, Certification, Safety, & Regulation(7-IN)

Currently, the RAPID Toolkit does not have state specific content regarding facility licensing, certification, and safety for hydropower development in Indiana.

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Permitting at a Glance

Small Hydropower Program: Indiana does not currently have a small hydropower program.
Renewable Portfolio Standard Process (RPS): Indiana does not have a mandatory renewable portfolio standard, but does have a voluntary clean energy portfolio standard program. The program sets a voluntary goal of 10% clean energy by 2025 based on 2010 utility electric supply. 30 % of the utility's goal can be met by clean coal technologies and 50% of qualifying energy obtained by Indiana utilities participating in the program must come from within the state. Participants in the program must have an average of 4% energy supplied from clean energy by the end of compliance in 2018, 7% by 2024, and 10% by 2025 to remain in the program and receive program incentives. Ind. Code. §8-1-27.
RPS Eligible: Hydropower is a clean energy technology under Indiana's Clean Energy Portfolio Standard (CPS). Ind. Code. §8-1-27.
RPS Regulatory Agency: The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission administers the CPS program and measures compliance with tradeable Clean Energy Credits. Excess credits may only be counted toward the current or next goal period. Ind. Code. §8-1-27.

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