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Arkansas Hydropower Transmission & Interconnection(8-AR)

In Arkansas, a developer may need to obtain a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity from the Arkansas Public Service Commission to construct or operate any new equipment or a facility supplying a public service. A developer may also need to obtain a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need from the Arkansas Public Service Commission before constructing a major utility facility.

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Regulated Entity Definition: A public service, in part, includes any product or commodity furnished and the plant, equipment…and facilities employed by any public utility…” Ark. Code Ann. §23-1-1(12) (2017). A public utility is defined, in part, as “persons and corporations… owning or operating equipment or facilities for producing, generating, transmitting, delivering or furnishing electricity for the production of light, heat, or power to or for the public for compensation.” Ark. Code Ann. §23-1-101(9) (2017).
Transmission Interconnection Request Process (Interconnection Request): Arkansas does not currently have a state specific interconnection request process.

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