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Washington Geothermal Air Quality Assessment(15-WA)

In Washington, developers may be required to obtain multiple air quality permits for their project. If the project requires both an Air Operating Permit and an Air Quality Construction Permit, then the developer may enter a consolidated permitting process using the requirements for an Air Operating Permit. WAC 173-400-111(2).

Developers must obtain a Notice of Construction (NOC) air quality permit from WSDE to construct or modify any building, structure, facility, or installation that may increase the amount of any air contaminant emitted by such source or results in the emission of any air contaminant not previously emitted. Construction of a new emissions unit that has the potential to emit less than each of the levels listed in WAC 173-400-110(5) is exempt from new source review. Developers must submit a Notice of Construction Application to WSDE for review. WSDE is required to provide a public notice and comment period before approving or denying certain types of permits outlined in WAC 173-400-171. If the permit is approved, then the developer must comply with all conditions attached to it and pay necessary fees. WAC 173-400-111(9)&(10).

Developers must obtain an Air Operating Permit from WSDE if their facility has the potential to emit any of the following: more than 100 tons per year of any pollutant, more than 10 tons per year of any hazardous air pollutant, or more than 25 tons per year of a combination of hazardous air pollutants. Developers must submit an application for an Air Operating Permit to WSDE within 12 months of becoming subject to the permit program. WAC 173-401-500(3)(c). Following submission of a complete application, WSDE will issue a draft permit, provide public notice, and allow for public comment. WAC 173-401-800. WSDE will conduct a public hearing if it is requested. WAC 173-401-800(5). WSDE will issue a final Air Operating Permit for a fixed term of five years. Developers will be required to pay an annual fee and comply with annual reporting of emissions. WAC 173-401-610.

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