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Utah Geothermal Waste & Hazardous Material Assessment(18-UT)

If the developer’s project requires installation of an underground storage tank, then they will be required to obtain approval from the Utah Department of Environmental Quality Division of Environmental Response and Remediation. Developers may also be required to obtain a Hazardous Waste Permit.

Developers must obtain a Certificate of Compliance with underground storage tank regulations from the DEQ if their project requires installation of an underground storage tank. Developers must notify DEQ at least ten days prior to beginning installation through submission of a request for a UST Installation Permit and the required fee. Developers are required to perform tests and submit results to the DEQ to ensure compliance with installation requirements before submitting a Certificate of Compliance Application. Following review, DEQ will issue a Certificate of Compliance indicating that the underground storage tank is in compliance with UST rules and regulations.

Developers must obtain a Hazardous Waste Permit from the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) if their project requires treatment, storage, or disposal of hazardous wastes. UAC R315-3-1.1. “Hazardous wastes” are defined in Utah. Code Ann. 19-6-102(10). Developers must submit Hazardous Waste Permit Application Part A and Part B to DEQ for review. Following review, DEQ may prepare a Draft Permit or issue a Notice of Intent to Deny. UAC R315-4-1.6. Developers may be required to participate in a public hearing if one is requested. DEQ may impose terms and conditions to issuance of the Hazardous Waste Permit. UAC R315-4-1.15.

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