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Texas Geothermal Air Quality Assessment(15-TX)

Developers must obtain an Air Quality Permit to Construct from TCEQ if they plan to construct a new facility that will emit air contaminants. Facilities or sources that meet certain conditions provided in 30 TAC 116.119 do not require a permit. Facilities with emissions that will not make a significant contribution of air contaminants may be permitted by rule as outlined in 30 TAC 106. Developers may qualify for a Standard Permit or a New Source Review Permit. A Standard Permit authorizes the construction of new facilities that are similar in terms of operations, processes, and emissions. New Source Review Permits are approved on a case-by-case basis. The TCEQ will inform the developer when public notice of the application is required by sending a public notice packet with all necessary information. Developers will then be required to file a copy of the public notice and a publisher’s affidavit with the TCEQ. The TCEQ is responsible for providing public notice of any preliminary decision on the application and draft permit, and the developer may be required to participate in a public hearing if one is requested.

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