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Oregon Geothermal Biological Resource Assessment(12-OR)

If a developer proposes activity within an area containing endangered or threatened species and the activity might result in the incidental take of a member of those species, the developer should obtain an incidental take permit through the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW). The state process is regulated under O.A.R. 635-100. Developers should consult the Oregon State Endangered Species List. The permitting process requires the developer to apply for an incidental take permit subject to approval of the DFW. DFW will approve incidental take permits if an incidental take of the type applied for will not adversely impact the long-term conservation of the species or its habitat.

Developers must submit a fish and wildlife mitigation plan to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) if a proposed project will impact the habitat of fish and wildlife. Mitigation plan requirements are regulated under O.A.R. 635-415. Mitigation plan requirements differ based on the management category of the impacted habitat. DFW may require posting of bond to cover the cost of required mitigation measures. Developers are required to comply with the mitigation plan and mitigation policies of DFW.

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