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Nevada Geothermal Drilling & Well Development(5-NV)

Developers must obtain the appropriate Permit to Drill or Geothermal Project Area Permit from the Nevada Division of Minerals (the “Division”) if their project involves drilling. Developers may also be required to file a Sundry Notice if certain changes need to be made to an existing well.

Developers must obtain a permit from the Division if their project requires drilling or operation of a geothermal well or drilling of an exploratory well. If the project involves drilling more than one well at the project location, then the developer may apply for a Geothermal Project Area Permit. The Geothermal Project Area application requires a plat indicating location of the wells, a complete drilling program, and the locations of all equipment used. The process for well development will differ depending on whether the developer will use the well for injection of spent geothermal fluids, reinjection of geothermal fluids for production, or to extract geothermal fluids/steam for production. The Division will review application materials to ensure compliance with all drilling requirements, and will issue a Permit to Drill. Developers must provide the Division with notice whenever they are about to commence drilling a hole. Developers are also required to file a Geothermal Well Completion Report to the Division within 60 days after completion or cessation of drilling.

Developers must file a Sundry Notice with the Nevada Division of Minerals if they intend to make a minor change in the manner in which the well is operated, conduct a temperature or pressure survey, conduct a flow test, or perform routine maintenance of a well. The Division will review the Sundry Notice and approve or deny the application to make changes to the well. Any proposed change under Sundry Notice must comply with the requirements outlined in NAC 534A. Developers must obtain approval before commencing any of the proposed changes.

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Determine Which State and Federal Permits Apply

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Permitting at a Glance

Nevada Federal

Drilling & Well Field Permit Agency: Nevada Division of Minerals Bureau of Land Management
Drilling & Well Field Permit: If a developer plans on drilling a single well, the developer must submit an application for a permit to drill or operate an individual geothermal well to the Nevada Division of Minerals on a form provided by the Administrator. Except as otherwise provided in NAC 534A.196.

If a developer plans on drilling multiple exploratory wells in a defined project area, the developer must submit a Geothermal Project Area Permit application to the Nevada Division of Minerals.

If a developer plans to make minor changes to an existing well, the developer must submit a Sundry Notice to the Nevada Division of Minerals
Geothermal Drilling Permit (Form 3260-002)

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