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Alaska Geothermal Air Quality Assessment(15-AK)

In Alaska, developers may be required to obtain an air quality permit for their project based on the requirements outlined in the Clean Air Act. A project that will result in air pollutants that are not significant will require a Minor Permit. Developers must obtain a Minor Permit from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) if their project will result in air pollutants that are not significant under 40 CFR 52.21(b)(23). Developers may qualify for fast-track procedures outlined in Alaska Admin. Code tit. 18, § 50.542(b). Developers must submit an application to ADEC for review. Following review, ADEC will make a preliminary decision and provide public notice of that decision. Developers may be required to participate in a public hearing on the Preliminary Minor Permit and the Final Minor Permit if one is requested.

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Air Permit Process: The Air Permit process in Alaska is divided into two divisions: Title I and Title V. The Title I program deals with air construction permits and is specific to minor sources. The Title V program issues operating permits, along with permit avoidance approvals. Both programs work together during the permitting process and specify what construction is allowed, what emission limits must be met, and often how the source can be operated. [1] [2]
Air Permit Agency: Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation