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Wyoming Bulk Transmission Cultural Resource Assessment(11-WY)

The Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is required to advise the Industrial Siting Division (ISD) on the advisability of issuing or denying a permit to construct and operate and give recommendations for permit conditions [W.S. 35-12-110(b)(xx)]. The Wyoming SHPO reviews the cultural resource sections of the WISA permit application and makes recommendations as to its adequacy. Applicants are required to consult with SHPO staff and database, conduct Class II or Class III Cultural Surveys, and comment on the acceptability of the recommendations for each site (unless redacted).

The Wyoming Antiquities Act of 1935 (as amended) prohibits any excavation on any prehistoric ruins, pictographs, hieroglyphics or any other ancient markings, writing, or archeological and paleontological deposits on any state land in Wyoming without first obtaining a permit from the State Board of Land Commissioners. Two types of permits are issued by the Office of State Lands and Investments (OSLI): a survey and limited testing permit and a permit to conduct archaeological data recover or extensive testing.

For transmission line projects crossing state parks, consultation and permission from the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources (WYSPCR) Director predicated on the approval of the State Board of Land Commissioners is required. State parks and historic sites as listed in W.S. 36-8-501-1501.

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