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Wyoming Bulk Transmission Biological Resource Assessment(12-WY)

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) is the responsible state agency for consultation concerning state listed special status species. The WGFD does not directly issue permits related to transmission line projects, but is involved in consultation to determine environmental impacts as part of the WISA Permit Application, Section 404 permit, and Section 401 certification. WGFD would be consulted at the beginning of the state permit application process to identify and address concerns for state species of special concern and for those species listed in Wyoming Game and Fish Commission Regulations, Chapter 52, Nongame Wildlife, Section 12, Protected Animals. State nongame wildlife listed in this section are defined as protected under W.S. 23-1-101 and may only be taken in accordance with Commission Regulation Chapter 33, Issuance of Scientific Or Education Permits.

The State of Wyoming has adopted Executive Order (EO 2011-5), Greater Sage-grouse Core Area Protection to ensure greater sage-grouse conservation. For transmission line projects that would cross an area designated by the State as a sage-grouse Core Population Area, additional consultation should be pursued with the WDFG o the core area strategy as it relates to the project. New transmission lines constructed within a sage-grouse Core Population Area will be consistent with E0 2011-5 if the project is constructed between July 1 and March 14 (or between July 1 and November 30 in identified winter concentration) and within one-half mile either side of existing 115kV or larger transmission lines creating a corridor no wider than one mile. For new transmission lines that would be constructed outside of this one-mile wide corridor within a greater sage-grouse Core Population Area should be authorized or conducted only when it can be demonstrated that the activity will not cause declines in greater sage-grouse populations.

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