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Wyoming Bulk Transmission Permitting Process (WY)

The steps of the Wyoming bulk transmission permitting process are summarized in the chart below. Roll over each section for a summary of the regulations and permits it covers. Click a section to learn more about the required permits and regulations related to that topic.

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Bulk Transmission Development in Wyoming

The electrical grid in Wyoming is part of the WestConnect Transmission Planning area, and covers the southwest of the United States. Within the WestConnect system, Wyoming is part of the Colorado Coordinated Planning Group (CCPG) power grid that covers Colorado and portions of Wyoming.

The electrical grid in Wyoming also is part of the Western Interconnection power grid and the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC). WECC includes the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, the northern portion of Baja California, Mexico, and all or portions of the 14 Western states between. The WECC is the Regional Entity responsible for coordinating and promoting Bulk Electric System reliability in the Western Interconnection, including in Wyoming. In addition, WECC provides an environment for coordinating the operating and planning activities of its members as set forth in the WECC Bylaws.

In addition, some transmission owners in Wyoming are part of the Northern Tier Transmission Group (NTTG). The NTTG is a group of transmission providers and customers that are actively involved in the sale and purchase of transmission capacity of the power grid that delivers electricity to customers in the Northwest and Mountain States. Transmission owners serving this territory work in conjunction with state governments, customers, and other stakeholders to improve the operations of and chart the future for the grid that links all of these service territories.

Cheyenne Light, Fuel and Power, High Plains Power, Lower Valley Energy, High West Energy, Western Area Power Administration, Bonneville Power Administration, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc., and Rocky Mountain Power provide transmission in the state of Wyoming.

Wyoming Infrastructure Authority

Wyoming Infrastructure Authority (WIA), created in 2004 by the Wyoming State Legislature, is a quasi-governmental instrumentality of State of Wyoming. The WIA’s mission is to “diversify and expand the state’s economy through improvements in Wyoming’s electric transmission infrastructure to facilitate the consumption of Wyoming energy in the form of wind, natural gas, coal and nuclear, where applicable.” WIA can participate in planning, financing, constructing, developing, acquiring, maintaining and operating electric transmission facilities and their supporting infrastructure. Legislation provided the WIA with bonding authority of $1 Billion and other powers to promote transmission development in the State and throughout the region. It also provided the State Treasurer, with the approval of the State Loan and Investment Board, the authority to invest in WIA bonds. (Source: http://wyia.org/about-us/).

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