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Wisconsin Bulk Transmission Environmental Review(9-WI)

In Wisconsin, state agencies must consider environmental impacts of a proposed project in their decision-making process pursuant to the Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act. 1 Wis. Stat. § 1.11.

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Environmental Review Process: For bulk transmission projects the lead agencies responsible for complying with the Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act (WEPA) will generally initiate an environmental assessment and/or environmental impact statement when reviewing the proposed project for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity and/or a Certificate of Authority.
Environmental Review Process Agency: Wisconsin Public Service Commission, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Environmental Review Threshold: Unless exempt, . . . "major agency actions, . . . "including but not limited to licensing, permitting, and leasing decisions . . . significantly affecting the quality of the human environment must comply with WEPA." 1 Wis. Stat.§ 1.11, N.R. 150 Wis. Stat. §§ 150.04
Applicable MOU with FERC: No.

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