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Washington Bulk Transmission Biological Resource Assessment(12-WA)

In Washington, it is unlawful to take wildlife without permission from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). WAC - 232-12-064 Live Wildlife-Taking from the wild According to Revised Code of Washington 77.08.010 (67) "to take" and its derivatives means to kill, injure, harvest, or capture a fish, shellfish, wild animal, bird, or seaweed". Developers will be required to obtain a Live Wildlife Taking Permit before taking any wildlife. Developers proposing projects located on or affecting land within a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) must adhere to requirements of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (WSDNR).

Developers must obtain a Live Wildlife Taking Permit from the WDFW before taking any wildlife from the project site. If the project will impact a protected species, then the developer will be required to work with WDFW to address impact issues. Endangered species are listed in WAC 232-12-014. State endangered, threatened, and sensitive species are all listed on the WDFW’s website. WDFW will consider any request for a permit by investigating the project area and any impacted wildlife. If WDFW determines that that the project will negatively impact a listed species, then they will consult with a specialist on the species to determine whether it can be removed from the location.

Developers must comply with the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) in Washington if the project is located within an HCP-controlled area. Developers are responsible for determining whether the project area is included in the lands covered by the HCP. WSDNR must ensure that the HCP goals may be accomplished if the land is used, leased, or sold. This requires a review of the HCP strategies and objectives.

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