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Utah Bulk Transmission Biological Resource Assessment(12-UT)

Developers are encouraged, but not required, to consult with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) in order to accurately assess the impacts of the project on Utah’s habitats. Developers may seek the assistance of an independent contractor to study potential impacts on Utah’s sensitive species. However, a developer would need to obtain a Rights-of-Way Lease from the DWR for transmission line projects that cross a Wildlife Management Area (WMA) or other DWR managed area (R657-28-23). The following information is required as part of the application to obtain a Right-of-Way lease as it pertains to biological resources:

  • Identification of adverse impacts to wildlife and wildlife habitat associated with the proposed use and how they will be avoided, minimized, or mitigated.
  • Before final approval is granted the DWR may require the applicant to provide the following additional information:
    • A certified copy of a survey of the area affected by the proposed project prepared by a licensed surveyor. A centerline survey describing the proposed right-of-way lease and its width is adequate for a pipeline, road, power line, or similar use.
    • A biological assessment, including an analysis of the potential direct, indirect, and cumulative effects the proposed project may have on wildlife, wildlife habitat, and public recreational use opportunities.
  • A survey of threatened, endangered and candidate plant and animal species, Utah wildlife sensitive species, and Utah species of special concern conducted on and adjacent to the proposed project.
  • Proof that the applicant has complied with the provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act, where applicable, including preparation of all environmental assessments, environmental impact statements, or other reports required by the administering federal agency.

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