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Texas Bulk Transmission Waste & Hazardous Material Assessment(18-TX)

Developers must obtain an Underground Storage Tank (UST) Permit from TCEQ prior to operating an underground storage tank system. Texas defines “underground storage tank system” as an underground storage tank, all associated underground piping and underground ancillary equipment, spill and overfill prevention equipment, release detection equipment, corrosion protection system, secondary containment equipment, and all other related systems and equipment. Certain systems may be exempted or excluded from regulation under 30 TAC 334.3(a) and 30 TAC 334.4(a). If a UST Permit is required, developers must submit a Construction Notification Form. The TCEQ may request additional information if necessary. In addition, developers are required to complete the Financial Assurance Certification process under 30 TAC 37.870(b).

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