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Oregon Bulk Transmission Environmental Review(9-OR)

The Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE), Energy Siting Facility Council has the authority to site most high-voltage transmission lines within the state and applicants are required to obtain a site certificate which is granted by the Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC). As part of the state’s energy facility siting process developers are required to submit a Notice of Intent (NOI). The applicant is required to identify significant environmental impacts in the NOI that may occur as a result of the construction and operation of the proposed facility on the study area(s), including impacts affecting:

  • Air quality
  • Surface and groundwater quality and availability
  • Wildlife and wildlife habitat
  • Threatened and endangered plant and animal species
  • Historic, cultural and archaeological resources
  • Scenic and aesthetic areas
  • Recreation
  • Land useO.A.R. 345-020

The NOI and the application for a site certificate is sent for comment and recommendation to the Department of Environmental Quality, the Oregon Water Resources Commission, the State Fish and Wildlife Commission, the Water Resources Director, the State Geologist, the State Forestry Department, the Public Utility Commission of Oregon, the State Department of Agriculture, the Department of Land Conservation and Development, the Oregon Department of Aviation, any other state agency that has regulatory or advisory responsibility with respect to the facility and any city or county affected by the application. O.R.S. 469

It is recommended that applicants begin informal discussions with the ODOE and other state agencies (such as the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality) and local land use agencies prior to submitting an NOI to allow time for planning and identification of issues. Early coordination with state and local agencies will help to identify potential permits that may be required. Some permits may require baseline data that are not available from existing studies and the applicant may be required to gather baseline data. The state of Oregon website contains detailed information pertaining to energy facility siting, including the siting process, siting standards, siting rules and statutes. This information is accessible through the following website: ODOE: Energy Facility Siting

Local Process
In the state of Oregon, the applicant can either go through the state siting and permitting process or seek local land use approval. [1] Applicants choosing to seek approval from local governments must follow local procedures, and comply with all local land use ordinances, which may include environmental reviews.

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Permitting at a Glance

Oregon Federal

Environmental Review: Oregon does not have a state specific environmental review process.