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Oregon Bulk Transmission Permitting Process (OR)

The steps of the Oregon bulk transmission permitting process are summarized in the chart below. Roll over each section for a summary of the regulations and permits it covers. Click a section to learn more about the required permits and regulations related to that topic.

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Bulk Transmission Development in Oregon

The electrical grid in Oregon is part of the Western Interconnection power grid and the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) is the Regional Entity responsible for coordinating and promoting Bulk Electric System reliability in the Western Interconnection, including Oregon. WECC also provides an environment for coordinating the operating and planning activities of its members as set forth in the WECC Bylaws.

The Northern Tier Transmission Group (NTTG) is one of the major regional transmission planning entities working to improve available transmission capacity, plan for grid expansion in seven western states, including Oregon. NTTG member utilities are transmission owners who are working in conjunction with state governments, customers, and other stakeholders to improve the operations of and chart the future for the grid that links all of these service territories.

In Oregon, there are investor-owned, independent, and cooperative transmission providers, including:

Oregon Energy Policy

The Oregon Department of Energy’s Governor’s 10-Year Energy Action Plan develops a comprehensive energy strategy that meets the state’s carbon reduction, energy conservation and renewable energy goals and timetables. The plan addresses transmission constraints and identifies improving and planning transmission infrastructure as part of one of its main strategies.

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