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Massachusetts Bulk Transmission Environmental Review(9-MA)

In Massachusetts, a transmission project that is may directly or indirectly impact the environment is subject to review under the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act.

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Massachusetts Federal

Environmental Review Process: Bulk transmission projects must comply with the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA). Depending on the size and scope of a proposed project, a developer of a project that requires a permit from a state agency may have to submit environmental reports that have varying levels of detail in compliance with MEPA. 301 C.M.R. § 11.05(1); M.G.L. c. 30 § 62A.
Environmental Review Process Agency: Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Environmental Review Threshold: Any proposed project that may directly or indirectly impact the environment and that requires a permit or approval from a state agency or involves financial assistance from or a land transfer by a state agency is subject to the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act. 301 C.M.R. § 11.01(2)(a)-(b).
Applicable MOU with FERC: No.

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