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Connecticut Bulk Transmission Land Access(3-CT)

In Connecticut, a bulk transmission developer may need approval to access state lands. A developer may also need an Encroachment Permit from the Connecticut Department of Transportation for projects that encroach on a state highway right-of-way.

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Permitting at a Glance

Connecticut Federal

State Land Right of Way Agency: Connecticut Siting Council
State Land Right of Way Process: The Connecticut Siting Council (Siting Council) will review any state land right-of-right access needs in the Siting Council's Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Needs review process. In this review process, the Siting Council consults with state land agencies to determine whether granting a state land right-right-of way would have a substantial adverse environmental affect in the state. C.G.S. §16-50k(a).
State Highway Right of Way Agency: Connecticut Department of Transportation
State Highway Right of Way Process: Transmission developers requiring a state highway right-of-way must submit an Application for an Encroachment Permit to the appropriate Connecticut Department of Transportation District Maintenance Manager (DMM). After a Permit Investigator reviews the Application, issues a report, and submits that report to the DMM, the DMM will determine whether to grant or deny an Encroachment Permit. Connecticut – Conn. Agencies Regs. §§ 13b-17 et seq., Encroachment Permit Regulations.
Eminent Domain: "A person engaged in the transmission of electric power...may acquire real property, and exercise any right of eminent domain." This right of eminent domain is subject to the Connecticut Siting Council's review and issuance of a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Needs for any property needed for possible or future transmission facilities. C.G.S. §16-50z.

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