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Alaska Bulk Transmission Cultural Resource Assessment(11-AK)

Developers must provide three months notice to the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (ADNR) before any construction, alteration, or improvement of any nature is undertaken on a privately owned, officially designated state monument or historic site by any person. A.S. 41.35.090. If the project will be located on a site with historic, prehistoric, or archaeological value, then the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (ADNR) is permitted to initiate eminent domain proceedings in order to maintain that value. AS 41.35.060. ADNR is then permitted to remove or salvage the historic, prehistoric, or archaeological remains, but must compensate the developer for any diminution of value in the property. AS 41.35.100. If cultural resources are discovered on the project site, then the developer is required to provide notice to ADNR. ADNR will conduct a survey of the cultural resources to determine their value, and may conduct a salvage operation to remove the resources. AS 41.35.070(f).

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