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pyTurbSim is the official water-turbulence simulation tool for hydrokinetic turbine device simulation (a.k.a. HydroTurbSim), and is also a valuable development and testing platform for NREL's 'TurbSim' tool. New profile and turbulence (spectral, coherence, Reynold's stress) models can be easily implemented.

pyTurbSim produces spatial time-series (a sequence of 2-D planes) that are statistically similar to real oceanic and riverine Turbulence. In particular, pyTurbSim is designed to produce time-series with energy spectra, spatial coherence, mean profile, tke profile, and Reynold's-stress profiles that are similar to real marine/river turbulence.

pyTurbSim is modeled after the pioneering Atmospheric 'TurbSim' tool, developed at the National Wind Technology Center by Bonnie Jonkman and Niel Kelley. There work was, in turn, built on the Paul Veers' theoretical framework for specifying spectral coherence.