Puerto Rico - State Energy Program - Building Energy Efficiency Retrofit Rebate Program (Puerto Rico)

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Last modified on February 12, 2015.

Financial Incentive Program

Place Puerto Rico

Name Puerto Rico - State Energy Program - Building Energy Efficiency Retrofit Rebate Program
Incentive Type State Rebate Program
Applicable Sector Commercial, Industrial, Nonprofit
Eligible Technologies Chillers, Energy Mgmt. Systems/Building Controls, Lighting, Lighting Controls/Sensors, Motor VFDs, Motors, Windows, Condensing Units, Ventilation Upgrades, Combustion Air Control Systems for Boilers, Demand Outside Air Ventilation Systems
Active Incentive No
Incentive Inactive Date 2011-08-03
Implementing Sector State/Territory
Energy Category Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs
Amount Commercial businesses and not-for-profit organizations: 50% of eligible costs
Commercial businesses and not-for-profit organizations: 50% of eligible costs

Equipment Requirements All equipment must be new and be UL or ETL listed; equipment to be replaced must be at least 5 years old or older
Expiration Date When funding is exhausted
The date "When funding is exhausted" was not understood.
Funding Source The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) State Energy Program (SEP)
Installation Requirements A Facility Energy Audit must be conducted first

Maximum Incentive Facility Energy Audits: 0.20/sq ft, with 50% of cost-share up to 5,000

Energy Efficiency rebates: 300,000

Program Administrator Autoridad Para El Financiamiento de la Infraestructura
Website http://www.gobierno.pr/AAE/Inicio/Default.htm

References DSIRE[1]


This program is closed; the information is for reference only. The Energy Affairs Administration (EAA) announced in November 2010 that any application received after October 1, 2010, will be placed on a waiting list. It is unlikely that wait-listed programs will be funded, as the Energy Affairs Administration announced that it has received applications that exceed available funding by 250%. Government entities have not been eligible for funding since May 31, 2010.

Through the State Energy Program and with funds provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the Energy Affairs Administration (EAA) has developed with the Puerto Rican Infrastructure Financing Authority (AFI) several rebate programs.

The Building Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program offers rebates to commercial and non-profit entities that engage in recommended energy efficiency upgrades after properly participating in a Facility Energy Audit. Energy Audits must be performed by a licensed mechanical or electrical engineer or licensed professional engineer and registered architect with appropriate certifications. Applicants must submit the application form plus additional required documents to reserve the rebate prior to making any expenditure(s). Eligible project costs include the material and equipment for the energy upgrade, installation costs (as long as they are not building modification costs), and Facility Energy Audit costs.

If approved, the applicant will receive a "Rebate Reservation Notice" letter with the approved rebate amount. Once that letter is issued, the applicant has 15 days to sign the "Rebate Agreement" and six months to complete the upgrade and undergo AFI/EAA inspection. The AFI/EAA Installation Certificate will be required documentation along with the Rebate Claim Form for the applicant to receive the rebate payment. Extensions may be granted according to program rules.

Rebate recipients are not eligible for any energy-related Puerto Rican tax credits, local incentives, or other energy assistance (other than the revolving loan program of the Economic Development Bank of Puerto Rico) for the same project.

See the full program regulations for additional information, including the required documentation for rebate applications and Facility Energy Audit requirements.

Incentive Contact

Contact Name ARRA-SEP Information AFI
Department Autoridad Para El Financiamiento de la Infraestructura
Division (AFI)
Address Capital Center, North Tower, 16th Floor
Address 2 235 Arterial Hostos Avenue
Place San Juan, Puerto Rico
Zip/Postal Code 00918-1454
Phone (877) 988-8253

Website http://www.afi.gobierno.pr/

  • Incentive and policy data are reviewed and approved by the N.C. Solar Center's DSIRE project staff.[1]


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