Prudent Energy Inc.

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Prudent Energy Inc. (Prudent Energy), with offices in Vancouver, Canada and in Beijing, China, is an energy storage technology developer, manufacturer, and systems integrator, specializing in the patented Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Energy Storage System (VRB-ESS™). With a global market focus, Prudent Energy provides environmentally safe energy storage systems and solutions (VRB-ESS) to improve power quality and reliability, enable large-scale penetration of renewable energy generation, and improve the efficiency of energy distribution.

Prudent Energy announced its acquisition of the assets of VRB Power Systems Inc. on 29th January 2009. This acquisition included the purchase of all patents, trademarks, know-how, equipment and most of the material owned or controlled by VRB Power. Additionally, the core technical team of VRB Power has joined the combined company. Prudent Energy has established offices in Canada (Prudent Energy International) and has its head office and manufacturing premises in Beijing. Prudent has 15 patents applied in 24 countries and several trademarks. They are far reaching encompassing core cell-stack designs, electrolyte composition, system designs, and several application patents including use with wind farms, off-grid applications and smart grids.

Prudent Energy is combining the efforts of VRB Power with the cost reduction and manufacturing capabilities afforded in China. Over the course of the next year the company expects to see cost reductions in all parts of the technology as well as enhanced supply chain and partnership agreements. This latter step is essential for the development and long term supply of low cost electrolyte. The company is actively testing its proprietary membrane technology and has developed low cost bipolar plate materials. Prudent’s large-scale systems are built on a 150kW modular basis allowing for easy scaling to multi-megawatt size with very high availability rates, essential for utility applications. In addition, these packaged modules can be easily erected on site.

The company will continue with the approach of appointing local in-country sales representatives as well as offering long-term extended warranties for its products.


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