Prospects Of Future Geothermal Energy Development

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Journal Article: Prospects Of Future Geothermal Energy Development

There are three categories of geothermal resources with huge resource bases: the hydrothermal convection system, the hot igneous system, and the regional conductive environment. However, under the present technical and economic condition, high temperature hydrothermal convection is the only commercially attractive resource for electric power generation, On the other hand, increasingly more attention is being paid to nonelectrical uses of moderate temperature geothermal resources. National and regional research efforts should be focused initially on the assessment and development of liquid-dominated hydrothermal resources, in order to establish confidence in geothermal energy as a viable energy option at the earliest possible time. With respect to the utilization problem of liquid-dominated resources, the development of cost-effective systems to use moderate-temperature resources for both electric and nonelectric applications would greatly expand the geothermal energy potential. Removal of the institutional uncertainties and legal barriers and encouragement by means of financial supports are necessary to stimulate the commercial activity of geothermal energy development.

Junji Suyama

Published Journal 
Energy, 1979



Junji Suyama. 1979. Prospects Of Future Geothermal Energy Development. Energy. (!) .