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Description The resource files of a lesson plan for the Wind for Schools page.

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Wind for Schools Portal/Air Density Lab +Air_Density_Lab.pdf  +
Wind for Schools Portal/Blowing in the Wind +Blowing_in_the_Wind_Lesson_Plan.pdf  +, Blowing In The Wind assessment.pdf  +, Template for Blowing in the Wind.pdf  +,
Wind for Schools Portal/Build Wind Tools +Pinwheel_assembly_activity_-_wind_can_do_work.pdf  +, Anemometer_activity.docx  +, File:How_to_make_a_wind_sock.doc  +,
Wind for Schools Portal/Catch the Wind Activities +Catch_the_wind_crossword.pdf  +, Catch_the_Wind_Wordsearch.pdf  +
Wind for Schools Portal/Energy from the Wind +Energy_From_The_Wind_Student_Guide.pdf  +, Energy_from_the_Wind_Teacher_Guide.pdf  +
Wind for Schools Portal/Exploring the Wind +Exploring_Wind_Student_Guide.pdf  +, Exploring_Wind_Teacher_Guide.pdf  +
Wind for Schools Portal/Getting to Know Your Turbine +Getting-to-know-your-turbine-HS.pdf  +
Wind for Schools Portal/Kite Flying +Kite_Flying_Lesson_Plan.pdf  +, Instructions_to_make_a_kite.pptx  +, KITE_FLYING_POSTER_RUBRIC.pdf  +,
Wind for Schools Portal/MacGyver Wind Math Competition +MacGyver_windmills.pdf  +, Power_in_the_wind_calculation_worksheet.docx  +, The_MacGyver_Wind_Math_Competition.pdf  +,
Wind for Schools Portal/Modeling Power Efficiency and Tip Speed Ratios +Modeling-power-efficiency-and-tip-speed-ratio-lp.pdf  +, Modeling-power-efficiency-and-tip-speed-ratio-student.pdf  +, Modeling-power-efficiency-and-tip-speed-ratios-teacher.pdf  +
Wind for Schools Portal/Openwind Siting Software +Openwind_screenshot.png  +
Wind for Schools Portal/Ping Pong Ball Anemometers Worksheet +https://www.nrel.gov/about/assets/pdfs/educational_resources/teachers/wind-buck-worksheet.pdf  +, https://www.nrel.gov/about/assets/pdfs/educational_resources/teachers/wind-buck-lesson.pdf  +
Wind for Schools Portal/Power in Practice and Theory +Power-in-practice-and-theory-lp.pdf  +, Power-in-practice-and-theory-student.pdf  +, Power-in-practice-and-theory-teacher.pdf  +
Wind for Schools Portal/Teaching and Student Guides +Wind_Is_Energy_Teacher_Guide_for_Primary_Students.pdf  +, WindIsEnergyStudent.pdf  +, WindP.pdf  +,
Wind for Schools Portal/Turbine Tip Speed +Tip_Speed_Lesson_Plan.pdf  +, Tip-top-tip-speed-lp-HS.pdf  +, Tip-top-tip-speed-student-HS.pdf  +,
Wind for Schools Portal/What Speed Do We Need +What-speed-do-we-need-lp.pdf  +, What-speed-do-we-need-student.pdf  +, What-speed-do-we-need-teacher.pdf  +
Wind for Schools Portal/When the Wind Doesn't Blow +When-the-wind-doesn%27t-blow-lp.pdf  +
Wind for Schools Portal/Wind Energy and Power +Oklahoma_Wind_Power_Initiative_Lesson1_windenergycalc.pdf  +
Wind for Schools Portal/Wind Farm Policy Simulation +Wind-farm-policy-simulation_lp.pdf  +
Wind for Schools Portal/Wind Turbine Economics +Wind-turbine-economics-lp.pdf  +, Wind-turbine-economics-student.pdf  +, Wind-turbine-economics-teacher.pdf  +