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Property Name Volume
Property Type Quantity
Description Any unit of volume. For example, the mean estimated reservoir volume at location based on the USGS 2008 Geothermal Resource Assessment if the United States.

Use this type to express a quantity of three-dimensional space. The default unit is the cubic meter (m³).

Acceptable units (and their conversions) are:

  • Cubic Meters - 1 m³,m3,m^3,cubic meter,cubic meters,Cubic Meter,Cubic Meters,CUBIC METERS
  • Cubic Kilometers - 0.000000001 km³,km3,km^3,cubic kilometer,cubic kilometers,cubic km,Cubic Kilometers,CUBIC KILOMETERS
  • Cubic Miles - 0.000000000239912759 mi³,mi3,mi^3,mile³,cubic mile,cubic miles,cubic mi,Cubic Miles,CUBIC MILES
  • Cubic Feet - 35.314666721 ft³,ft3,ft^3,cubic feet,cubic foot,FT³,FT3,FT^3,Cubic Feet, Cubic Foot
  • Cubic Yards - 1.307950619 yd³,yard³,yrd³,yards³,cubic yard,cubic yards,Cubic Yards
  • Litres - 1000 L,litre,litres,Litres,LITRES
  • Barrels (Oil) - 6.28981077 bbl (oil),barrel (oil),bbl (petroleum), barrels (oil), barrels (petroleum), Barrels (Oil), Barrels (Petroleum)
  • Barrels (US) - 8.386414361 bbl (US),barrel (US), barrels (US), Barrels (US), barrels, Barrels
  • Gallons - 264.172052358 gal (US),gallon (US), gallons (US), Gallons (US), gallons, Gallons