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MHK ISDB/Instruments/BlueView M900-2250 Dual Frequency 2D Imaging Sonar#UserExperience +The dual frequency allows the user to toggle between higher resolution images at short range, and lower resolution at long ranges.  +
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Chelonia C-POD#UserExperience +Based on 2011/2012 versions of the instrument: Mounted to a subsea instrumentation platform, in about 60 m of water. This was intended to detect the presence/absence of harbor porpoises at a proposed tidal energy site.  +
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Fluke 87V Industrial Multimeter#UserExperience +Use Fluke multimeters in lab and field environments to measure voltage and current.  +
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Futek TRS605 Rotary Torque Sensor#UserExperience +Used to measure torque and angular position in both field (coupled to a turbine power shaft) and lab (inline with a motor/generator set).  +
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Kongsberg M3 Multibeam Echosounder#UserExperience +There are different versions of the instrument with different depth ratings, but the highest depth rating is 4000 m. The instrument has many settings that allow you balance image quality and frame rate, depending on the application. (I.e. imaging mode has a slower frame rate, but a higher resolution).  +
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Loggerhead DSG-ST Ocean Acoustic Datalogger#UserExperience +Loggerhead DSG with HTI96-min hydrophone. <br> Stationary measurements at potential MEC site (currents > 3 m/s) and on drifters in waves and estuarties. Deployments on moorings and near-bed tripods for 1 week – 6 months. Duty cycles 1-100% (memory limited in the past due to smaller SD cards) with continuous sampling at 80 kHz.  +
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Nortek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter#UserExperience +For use in a laboratory environment. Takes point measurements of velocity, either in beam or XYZ coordinates. Good for capturing small-scale motion. Best when used in conjunction with an automated gantry system.  +, I have used Nortek Vector probes in the lab & field and Vectrino probes in the lab. The field testing involved towing the instrument through a lake. The lab testing utilized the probes (mounted stationary) in a recirculating flume. In all cases, the instruments were used to measure flow speed with the intention of characterizing turbulent conditions in the flow with high temporal resolution (sampling at highest rate available). Additionally, the Vector probe was used to monitor physical orientation of the vessel it was mounted to.  +
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Nortek Signature#UserExperience +Provides three dimensional wave and current profiling data. I have only used the current profiling settings, but the fifth-beam on the instruments allows for wave profiling  +, Coastal environment: bottom mounted on a well-mixed tidal channels. River: down looking on a drifter buoy. Instrument in broadband Mode. Measure velocities in along beam coordinates using all 5 beams at 8 Hz with 1 m bin size. Also in drifting mode we uses the 5th beam for bottom tracking at 4Hz and at the same time use other 4 beams to measure velocity also at 4 Hz.  +
MHK ISDB/Instruments/microAural#UserExperience +Used with HTI-96 min hydrophone <br> Drifting measurements using a spar buoy. Continuous sampling at 96 kHz.  +
MHK ISDB/Sensors/AmCells STA Series Load Cell#UserExperience +Measured thrust force on a laboratory test rig.  +
MHK ISDB/Sensors/CR4100 Series AC Current Transducer#UserExperience +I have used this sensor as part of a measurement package for the output of an induction generator coupled to an inverter.  +
MHK ISDB/Sensors/CR4500 Series AC Voltage Transducer#UserExperience +Used this sensor as part of a measurement package for the output of an induction generator coupled to an inverter.  +
MHK ISDB/Sensors/Futek TFF425 Reaction Torque Sensor#UserExperience +Used this in the lab as part of a dynamometer and to measure torque output of a turbine.  +