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Mt Princeton Hot Springs Geothermal Area +Because the Mount Princeton Hot Springs geothermal area has not yet undergone development, no technical problems have been encountered.  +
Salt Wells Geothermal Area +Both the Stillwater and Salt Wells plants have suffered from utility tie-line issues due to their remote locations and have resulted in loss-of-full-load events at the plants. These events have the potential to cause generator overspeed trips, which in turn can result in total plant shutdowns. Addressing these issues is technically challenging and responding to a loss-of-full-load event is similarly difficult, with full recovery taking hours or even days in extreme cases. Concerns over the plant’s ability to maintain capacity prompted Enel to install a new turbine generator control system that was able to quickly respond to loss-of-full-load situations. The control system is able to automatically switch from load control to frequency control (island mode) upon sensing a utility tie breaker open condition, providing the plant with power to maintain parasitic loads. The new control system was installed by CSE Engineering, Inc. and utilizes the Woodward 505 enhanced controller system, selected due to its rapid scan rates and anticipation logic that would detect a loss-of-load condition. The 505 controller is able to sense the rate of change of the turbine generator to quickly detect when a power loss situation is occurring, and automatically responds to this event by stepping the turbine steam valve to the correct position. Alongside the 505 system, Woodward ProTech 203 overspeed protection devices were used on the generators to safeguard each unit from overspeed trips.  +