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1.5in High Speed Water Tunnel +Closed loop; Test Section Diameter: 1.5 inches, Maximum Velocity: 84 m/s, Pressure Range: up to 8200 kPa.  +
12in Water Tunnel +Closed loop; est Section: 0.305 m (circular) or 0.5 m x 0.11m (rectangular), Maximum Velocity: 24 m/s, Pressure Range: 20 kPa – 138 kPa absolute.  +
48in Garfield Thomas Water Tunnel +Closed loop; Turbulence level = 0.1%; Pressure range = 3-60psi; Controlled cavitation = # >0.1; Control Air content = >1ppm per mole  +
6in Water Tunnel +Closed loop; Turbulence level = 0.1%; Pressure range = 3-60psi; Controlled cavitation = # >0.1; Control Air content = >1ppm per mole  +
Boundary Layer Research Facility +Closed loop; Test Section Diameter: 0.3 m, Maximum Velocity: 6 m/s.  +
Carderock 2-ft Variable Pressure Cavitation Water Tunnel +The 2-Foot Variable Pressure Cavitation Water Tunnel is a vertical plane, closed recirculating, variable-speed, variable-pressure, open jet test section, closed jet test section, and semi-rectangular test section.  +
Carderock 3-ft Variable Pressure Cavitation Water Tunnel +The 3-ft Variable Pressure Cavitation Water Tunnel is a vertical plane, closed recirculating with resorber, variable-speed, variable-pressure, two interchangeable circular test sections.  +
Carderock Circulating Water Channel +The Circulating Water Channel is a vertical plane, open to the atmosphere test section with a free surface in a closed recirculating water circuit, variable speed, rectangular cross-sectional shape facility. There are 10 large viewing windows on either side of the test section at different elevations and 9 in the bottom; movable bridge spans the test section for ease and versatility in mounting models, rigging bridge is capable of taking towing loads at any one of numerous points up to 35,584 N  +
Carderock Large Cavitation Tunnel +The Large Cavitation Channel was designed as a variable pressure, recirculating, cavitation tunnel with a very low acoustic background level; test section pressure: 3.5-414 kPa (0.03 to 4 atmospheres, 0.5 to 60 psia); air content: 10% to 100% saturation  +
Carderock Maneuvering & Seakeeping Basin +10.7m deep x 15.2m wide trench along length of tank; the Maneuvering & Seakeeping Basin is spanned lengthwise by a 114.6m bridge supported on a rail system that permits the bridge to traverse one-half the width of the basin and to rotate through angles up to 45 degrees from the longitudinal centerline of the basin, ship models can be towed in head or following seas at any angle from 0 to 90 degrees, tracks attached to the bottom of the bridge support the towing carriage, bridge width is constant 6.1m.  +
Carderock Rotating Arm Tow Tank +Rotating Arm facility is a circular indoor basin 79.2m in diameter. The arm is a bridge-like structure with a span of 39.3m and pivots on a pedestal in the center of the basin.  +
Carderock Subsonic Wind Tunnel +The Subsonic Wind Tunnel is a continuous flow, closed-circuit facility with a closed jet test section. Test models may be supported by strut mounts using the external balance or by sting mounts using any of a wide selection of internal strain gauge balances. Adjustable surface planes are available for simulation of ground or water surfaces. Full-width floor and ceiling turntables provide additional flexibility in model mounting and manipulation.  +
Carderock Tow Tank 1 +Carriage 1 is located on this basin  +
Carderock Tow Tank 2 +Carriage 2 is located on this basin  +
Carderock Tow Tank 3 +Two operable carriages on this basin: Carriage 3 (max towing speed of 15.4 m/s); Carriage 5 (max towing speed of 25.8 m/s)  +
Environmental Flume +Dual pumps up to 150 cfs; glass walls  +
Erosion Flume +Tilting flume from -5 to +21% slope; erodibility of grassed boxes; dual pumps up to 50 cfs.  +
Flow-Through Anechoic Chamber +Chamber Dimensions: 5.5 m x 6.7 m x 9.1 m high, Low Frequency Cutoff: 70 Hz.  +
Haynes Tow Tank +The tank includes a 7.6m by 3.7m by 1.5m deep sediment pit.  +
Ice Towing Tank +Specialized for cold regions research, room temperature can be decreased to -10°F  +
Kennedy Flume +Tilting flume; sedimentation recirculation capabilities; instrumentation rails; various weirs; dual pumps  +
L-Shaped Flume Wave Basin +Contact POC  +
MMA Tugboat/ Barge/ Vessel +Tug: 73 ft (2)16V-92 Detroits Barge: 43 ft by 230ft Research Vessel Friendship: 40 foot vessel w/ 6 cylinder Cummins diesel engine and A-Frame crane  +
OTRC Wave Basin +4.6m wide x 9.1m long x 16.8m deep pit with adjustable depth floor in test area  +
Ohmsett Tow Tank +Accommodates full and meso-scale equipment under realistic sea environment, multiple traveling bridges, underwater video, computer controlled bridge and wave generator settings, onsite fabrication, viewing windows, scuba diver support, test equipment integration support.  +