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RAPID/Best Practices/Basin-wide Approaches to Hydropower Relicensing: Case Studies and Considerations +Basin-wide approaches to FERC's hydropower relicensing process, case studies, and considerations.  +
RAPID/Best Practices/Bureau of Reclamation Hydropower Lease of Power Privilege: Case Studies and Considerations +Bureau of Reclamation hydropower lease of power privilege regulatory process, case studies, and considerations.  +
RAPID/Best Practices/Coordinating Permit Offices for Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Projects +This best practice analyzes the potential use of coordinating permit offices for large infrastructure projects such as power plants and bulk transmission lines.  +
RAPID/Best Practices/Development of Landscape-Scale Mitigation Plans for Renewable Energy and Transmission Projects +This best practice analyzes landscape-scale mitigation plans that may increase the effectiveness of conservation measures while also streamlining permitting renewable energy and transmission projects.  +
RAPID/Best Practices/Energy Recovery Hydropower +Energy recovery hydropower, a subset of small conduit hydropower, and the prospects of off-setting costs for agricultural, municipal, and industrial water providers.  +
RAPID/Best Practices/FERC Hydropower Licensing: A Review of Utilization of the ILP, TLP, and ALP +A review of the utilization of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s hydropower licensing processes ( ILP, TLP, and ALP) for the development of non-federal hydropower projects.  +
RAPID/Best Practices/Geothermal Permitting and NEPA Timelines +This best practice outlines the different types of NEPA-related analyses and approvals and discusses geothermal development activities (e.g. well drilling) that might require each type of approval.  +
RAPID/Best Practices/Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) for Interstate Transmission Siting +Development of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a way to formalize the collaborative process between different jurisdictions involved in the transmission siting/permitting process.  +
RAPID/Best Practices/Negotiating Terms and Conditions: An Overview of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Hydropower Settlement Agreement Process +Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hydropower settlement agreement process, negotiating terms and conditions.  +
RAPID/Best Practices/Online Permitting Systems +This best practice reviews online permit submission systems currently in place or under development and reviews these systems in terms of the ease of development, use, and access to information.  +
RAPID/Best Practices/Public Involvement in Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Project Development +This best practice discusses effective and timely communication of all aspects of renewable energy and bulk transmission projects - including the project purpose and need and potential impacts.  +
RAPID/Best Practices/Purpose and Need Statements for Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Projects +This best practice discusses purpose and need statements, which identify why a Federal agency is responding to a proposed project and provides the foundations of a defensible NEPA analysis.  +
RAPID/Best Practices/Regulatory Approaches for Adding Capacity to Existing Hydropower Facilities +Approaches to adding generating capacity to existing Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licensed hydropower facilities.  +
RAPID/Best Practices/State Models to Incentivize and Streamline Small Hydropower Development +State financial and regulatory models to incentivize and streamline small hydropower development  +
RAPID/Best Practices/Tips for Qualifying Conduit Hydropower Developers +This best practice discusses requirements and available resources for developing qualifying conduit hydropower facilities as authorized under the Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act of 2013.  +
RAPID/Best Practices/Tips for Small Hydropower Developers +This best practice discusses tips for FERC's issuing of an exemption from licensing for small hydropower facilities with only minor environmental effects, including a 10 MW and a conduit exemption.  +
RAPID/Best Practices/Tips for Transmission Line Siting and Permitting +This best practice contains tips for transmission line siting, and is intended to assist project participants in moving through the various phases of a project more efficiently and effectively.  +