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MHK Technologies/Aegir Dynamo +Prototype model has been constructed and tested in a specially designed wave tank  +
MHK Technologies/AirWEC +They had to file a our SBIR Phase I technical report before we could conduct comprehensive open water testing  +
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AN 150 +Atlantis conducted tow testing configuration optimisation and performance enhancement of the Nereus150 prior to offshore installation Tow testing took place in November 2007 and February 2008 the results of this testing were observed verified and validated by Black Veatch B V High correlation between the actual and predicted power output were observed during this testing It is noted that at higher flows the AN400 outperformed the predicted power generation performance during this testing  +
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AR 1000 +AR series turbine uses similar blade and PTO design as the AS series turbine Blades were tank tested at Southampton University before fabrication of the full scale blades was undertaken  +
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AS 400 +Extensive Tow Testing  +
MHK Technologies/CoRMaT +Testing of a prototype system in the Sound of Islay 2008 demonstrated the practicality and functionality of a single riser mooring device stability and continuous alignment within an energetic tidal flow and the generating ability of a passively cooled flooded permanent magnet contra rotating generator This proved robustness of the technology and the engineering science developed for undertaking system design and up scaling  +
MHK Technologies/Deep Green +Tested in model test facilities  +
MHK Technologies/Electric Buoy +AMI s buoy configuration has not been tested as of the first week of March We anticipate assembling the generator and beginning bench tests by the end of July  +
MHK Technologies/Evopod E1 +This version of Evopod has undergone rigorous tank testing at 1 40th scale at Newcastle University  +
MHK Technologies/Evopod E35 +Initial tests were carried out at 1 40th scale in University testing facilities Oceanflow s earlier E1 sea trials in Strangford Lough were a vital forerunner to the development of this project  +
MHK Technologies/FRI El Sea Power System +Federico II  +
MHK Technologies/Float Wave Electric Power Station +The study of FWEPS model irregular sea behaviour at Sea States 4 5 numbers performed in a sea keeping basin with wavemaker has demonstrated the device survivability in stormy condition  +
MHK Technologies/Floating Duck Type Device +1 2 scale prototype is being tested  +
MHK Technologies/GyroWaveGen +Small scale model testing only to date  +
MHK Technologies/Gyroscopic wave power generation system +Sea trials of a 45 kW class prototype have been held offshore where it generated 40kW in 2 5 m wave height and 4 sec wave period condition  +
MHK Technologies/HydroGen 10 +Tenths of tests at sea have already been performed  +
MHK Technologies/Hydroflo +Models have been tested in a test facility as well as in the ocean environment  +
MHK Technologies/Kinetic Hydropower System KHPS +In 2002 Verdant Power conducted testing of a near full scale turbine 10 foot 3 05m diameter Gen3 KHPS turbine This unit was created to secure detailed performance data for both dynamometry and power generation The turbine had a downstream rotor configuration and some yaw capability and was in water tested from a purpose built vessel in the East Channel of the East River The East River tests of the rotor performance demonstrated a peak efficiency that was consistently high from 37 6 to 44 3  +
MHK Technologies/MRL Turbine +Currently installed in the Exmouth Estuary at 20KW size 1 50th scale  +
MHK Technologies/Mi2 +Extensive technology development through computer modeling and prototype testing at the National Research Council towing tank facility has resulted in an elegant and optimized design Testing of 1 10th Scale Prototype of Mi2 complete at NRC IOT  +
MHK Technologies/Multi Resonant Chambers MRC 1000 +Complete system tested at 1 12th scale in 2003 in the sea off the UK south coast  +
MHK Technologies/OCEANTEC Wave Energy Converter +1 4 prototype sea trials Basque coast  +
MHK Technologies/OTEC +Multiple 2 megawatt thermal duty HXs are being tested at the facility. The facility is a 1:100 scale test of a commercial scale plant.  +
MHK Technologies/Ocean Wave Energy Converter OWEC +3 modules tested in controlled unidirectional waves from 1 5 height 1 7 second period Test wave maximum was one half design scale Measurable direct current was produced and illuminated bulbs  +
MHK Technologies/Oceanlinx Mark 3 Wave Energy Converter +Yes a one third scale and a full scale prototype of earlier generation technology have been tested in sea state conditions The latest device has been subjected to wave tank testing to evaluate improvements to the technology of earlier generations.  +