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MHK Projects/Akwanga Nigeria SHP +http://connectnigeria.com/articles/2014/04/19/thirteen-more-smart-turbines-sold-in-nigeria/  +
MHK Projects/CETO La Reunion +La Reunion  +
MHK Projects/CETO3 Garden Island +Garden island  +
MHK Projects/Oyster 1 Project +01 - Collier D., Whittaker T., Crowley M., (2008): “The Construction of Oyster – A Nearshore Surging Wave Energy Converter”, 2nd International Conference on Ocean Energy, Brest, France. 02 - T.J.T. Whittaker, D. Collier, M. Folley, M. Osterreid, A. Henry, M. Crowley, (2007): ‘The Development of Oyster – A Shallow Water Surging Wave Energy Converter’, 7th European Wave & Tidal Energy Conference, Portugal.  +
MHK Projects/Oyster 800 Project +Advantages in the Design of the Oyster Wave Energy Converter Design of the Next Generation of the Oyster Wave Energy Converter  +
MHK Projects/Perth Wave Energy Project PWEP +Perth Wave Energy Project  +
MHK Projects/Race Rocks Demonstration +Clean Current Website  +
MHK Projects/Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy RITE +RITE Project Final License Application P 12611 Detailed Inflow Measurements for Kinetic Hydropower Systems in a Tidal Strait Hydrodynamic Analysis of Kinetic Hydropower Arrays NYSERDA RITE Environmental Assessment Project Final Report March 2011  +
MHK Projects/Seaflow Tidal Energy System +DEVELOPMENT INSTALLATION AND TESTING OF A LARGE SCALE TIDAL CURRENT TURBINE Seaflow Pilot project for the exploration of marine currents  +