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RAPID/Roadmap/1 +EPA [http://www.epa.gov/airquality/peg_caa/peg.pdf Plain English Guide to the Clean Air Act]  +, BLM Manual: [http://www.blm.gov/pgdata/etc/medialib/blm/wo/Information_Resources_Management/policy/blm_manual.Par.23101.File.dat/8110.pdf Section 8110] - Identifying and Evaluating Cultural Resources  +, BLM Manual: [http://www.blm.gov/pgdata/etc/medialib/blm/wo/Information_Resources_Management/policy/blm_manual.Par.80216.File.dat/8120.pdf Section 8120] - Tribal Consultation Under Cultural Resources  +,
RAPID/Roadmap/1-AB-a +[[Alberta Municipal Affairs – Legislative Framework for Regional and Municipal Planning, Subdivision, and Development Control]]  +, [[Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks – Regional Plans Webpage]]  +, [[Alberta – Land-use Framework]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-AK-a +[[Alaska Planning Commission Handbook |Alaska—Alaska Planning Commission Handbook]]  +, [[Alaska Department of Natural Resources Public Notices |Alaska—DNR Public Notices]]  +, [[Alaska Department of Natural Resources Land Use Plans |Alaska—DNR Land Use Plans]]  +,
RAPID/Roadmap/1-BC-a +[[British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations – Crown Land: Indicators and Statistics (2010)]]  +, [[British Columbia Forest Practices Board – Provincial Land Use Planning: Which Way from Here? (2008)]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-CA-a +[[California Land Use Planning Information Network | California Land Use Planning Information Network]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-CO-a +[[Local Government Land Use Authority in Colorado | Local Government Land Use Authority in Colorado]]  +, [[Colorado Land Planning and Development Law]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-CT-a +[[Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection – Landscape Stewardship Webpage]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-DE-a +[[Delaware Office of State Land Planning Coordination Webpage]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-FD-a +[[Land Use Planning Handbook | BLM Land Use Planning Handbook]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-FD-b +[[Land Use Planning Handbook | BLM Land Use Planning Handbook]]  +, [[BLM Manual 2802 | BLM Manual 2802: Lands Available for FLPMA Grants]]  +, [[BLM - Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for Geothermal Leasing in the Western United States | Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for Geothermal Leasing in the Western US]]  +,
RAPID/Roadmap/1-GA-a +[[Trend Development Corporation v. Douglas County, 259 Ga. 425 (1989)]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-HI-a +[[Hawaii State Plan | Hawaii State Plan]]  +, [[Hawaii District Boundary Maps | District Boundary Maps]]  +, [[Hawaii District Boundary Amendment Procedures | District Boundary Amendment Procedures]]  +,
RAPID/Roadmap/1-IA-a +[[Iowa – Iowa City Development Board – Land Use Planning Website]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-MA-a +[[Massachusetts – Massachusetts City and Town Ordinances and Bylaws]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-ME-a +[[Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry – Land Use Commission Webpage]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-NB-a +[[New Brunswick – Assessment and Planning Appeal Board Webpage]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-NC-a +[[Special Use Permits in North Carolina Zoning, Owens, (2007)]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-NE-a +[[Nebraska Planning Handbook]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-NM-a +[[New Mexico – New Mexico Community Planning Website]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-NY-a +[[New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Comprehensive Plans Website]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-ON-a +[[Ontario Provincial Policy Statement]]  +, [[Ontario Provincial Plans]]  +, [[Ontario Planning Act Approval Authority Chart]]  +,
RAPID/Roadmap/1-OR-a +[[Oregon Statewide Planning Goals]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-QC-a +[[Quebec Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Regions, and Land Occupancy – Planning and Development Powers in Quebec Summary]]  +, [[Quebec – Department of Municipal Affairs, Regions and Land Occupancy – Planning and Development Powers in Quebec Summary]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-SC-a +[[South Carolina - S.C. Code Ann. § 6-29-310 - 6-29-1640, South Carolina Local Government Comprehensive Planning Enabling Act of 1994]]  +, [[South Carolina - S.C.R. App. P. R. 203, Notice of Appeal]]  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-SK-a +[[Saskatchewan – Town of Churchbridge Zoning Bylaw]]  +, [[Saskatchewan – District of Katepwa Zoning Bylaw]]  +, [[Saskatchewan – Town of Biggar Zoning Bylaw]]  +,