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Property Name RRContact
Property Type String
Description RAPID Roadmap contact saved by Template:RoadmapContact, in the format of Organization: Position

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RAPID/Roadmap/1 (3) +USFS: Forest Service Organizational Directory  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-AK-a +Alaska Department of Natural Resources: Large Project Coordinator  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-DE-a +Delaware Office of State Planning Coordination: State Planning Director  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-FL-a +Florida Department of Economic Opportunity: Media Contact  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-IA-a +Iowa City Development Board: Board Administrator  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-IN-a +Indiana Land Resources Council: Director of Communications  +, Indiana Department of Administration: Assistant General Counsel  +, Indiana Land Resources Council: Director DIvision of Land Aquisition  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-KY-a +Kentucky Public Service Commission: Executive Director  +, Kentucky Public Service Commission: Division of General Administration  +, Kentucky Public Service Commission: Secretary of State for Local Zoning  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-MA-a +Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities: Administration  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-MD-a +Maryland Department of Planning: Director of Planning Coordination  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-MN-a +Minnesota Public Utilities Commission: Eb2284d0914b895a4ffa79e658eba319f  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-ND-a +North Dakota Public Service Commission: Compliance Director  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-NH-a +New Hampshire Office of Strategic Initia80c9c838166786b6a991e436daf81c30  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-NJ-a +New Jersey Board of Public Utilities: Dic0ffb46c785df7b3ac7c7c07f6286e0e  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-OH-a +Ohio Power Siting Board: Ohio Power Siting Board  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-OR-a +Oregon Department of State Lands: Geothermal Leasing and Exploration Contact  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-PA-a +Pennsylvania Department of Community &#3f09e04e89041e3368fb37042fe24765e  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-TN-a +Tennessee Department of Economic and Com2caf4283a34980b92f0b1df5b42704f7  +
RAPID/Roadmap/1-VA-a +Virginia State Corporation Commission: P63597361aae6e7f38d6e0b2f2671c8cd  +
RAPID/Roadmap/10 (2) +Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Regional Office Hydropower Contacts  +, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Section 404 Regulatory Contacts  +, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Section 408 Regulatory Contacts  +,
RAPID/Roadmap/11 +Bureau of Indian Affairs: General Contact  +
RAPID/Roadmap/11 (1) +Bureau of Indian Affairs: General Contact  +
RAPID/Roadmap/11 (2) +National Park Service: Hydropower Licensing Contacts  +, Bureau of Indian Affairs: General Contact  +, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation: Hydropower Federal Preservation Officer (Federal Energy Regulatory Agency)  +
RAPID/Roadmap/11 (3) +Bureau of Indian Affairs: General Contact  +
RAPID/Roadmap/11-AK-b +Alaska Department of Natural Resources: Historic Preservation Contact  +
RAPID/Roadmap/11-AK-c +Alaska Department of Natural Resources: State Archaeologist  +