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Property Name RDActivities
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Description A description of Research, Development and Deployment activities (e.g. DOE-funded projects) in the geothermal area

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Beowawe Hot Springs Geothermal Area +In 2011, the Beowawe plant was the first geothermal project funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to start generating power in a bottoming-cycle operation. The new low-temperature binary cycle plant uses waste heat from the geothermal brine of an existing geothermal plant at the facility. The new plant added approximately 2 megawatts of clean renewable energy capacity to the existing plant. The $2 million ARRA grant from DOE’s Geothermal Technology program will leverage an additional $4 million in private sector investment to support the projects at the Beowawe plant.  +
Coso Geothermal Area +Coso plans to use hydraulic fracturing technology, common in oil and gas production, to enhance productivity of the existing reservoir. The project partners, the University of Utah’s Energy and Geoscience Institute (EGI) and Caithness Corporation, were funded by the US Department of Energy to reopen sealed fractures in subsurface rocks and increase the permeability of the reservoir . By pumping water under high pressure into injection wells in a less productive region on the margin of the field, the project hopes to circulate water through the fractured rocks and to the surface to drive steam turbines. As the field is not heat-limited there could be large gains in productivity if the reservoir was made more permeable and more liquid was available for production. DOE awarded a $1.875 million Geothermal Resource and Exploration grant to Caithness for use at Coso over a three-year period.  +