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RAPID/Geothermal/Alaska/Exploration +A plan of exploration must be submitted for any exploratory activities under a noncompetitive or competitive leased property in Alaska. If the developer wishes to explore before initiating the leasing process on state lands, they should pursue either a geothermal exploration permit or a geophysical exploration permit. Before initiating any form of exploration or prospecting activities that would otherwise require a land use permit under 11 AAC 96, the developer must receive an approved plan of exploration from the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. A Geophysical Exploration Permit is necessary for conducting seismic surveys on state lands and waters. These studies help to identify geological structures with potential accumulations of oil or gas.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/California/Exploration +If the proposed activity does not include the drilling of exploration wells (e.g., Temperature Gradient Wells) any required permits will be handled at the local/county level. See [https://openei.org/wiki/RAPID/Roadmap/Geo/4-CA-a 4-CA-a] for additional information.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Colorado/Exploration +Before any pre-drilling exploration activity can take place on State Land Board-administered land, a Geothermal Exploration Lease is required from the [[Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners]]. For exploration activities on private land, pre-drilling exploration activities are permitted at the local level.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Federal/Exploration +[[Bureau of Land Management - E-Forms | Notice of Intent to Conduct Geothermal Resource Exploration Operations (Form 3200-009)]]  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Hawaii/Exploration +A developer is required to obtain a Geothermal Exploration Permit from the [[Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources Engineering Division]] to conduct any exploration activity on state or reserved lands for evidence of geothermal resources, including geophysical operations, construction of roads and trials, and vehicle travel.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Idaho/Exploration +In Idaho, no permit is needed for general geothermal exploration on private or state lands.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Montana/Exploration +Developers exploring for geothermal resources in Montana must file a Geothermal Exploration Plan with the [[Montana Department of Environmental Quality]]. In addition, developers seeking to conduct exploration activities (not amounting to drilling/well field development) for geothermal resources in Montana must file a Notice of Intent (NOI) with the county clerk and recorder of the applicable county prior to conducting the exploration. [[MCA 82-1-1 Geophysical Exploration | MCA 82-1-103]].  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Nevada/Exploration +On Nevada state lands, no geothermal exploration permit is required for geothermal exploration not involving drilling (pre-drilling exploration).  +
RAPID/Geothermal/New Mexico/Exploration +No permit required if the activity does not significantly damage or alter the land. Geophysical Exploration Permit for all other non-drilling exploration.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Oregon/Exploration +No person shall explore by any means whatever on, in, or under land owned by the State of Oregon and under the jurisdiction of the Division of State Lands to detect or assess geothermal resources without a permit or lease issued pursuant to these regulations and under authority of ORS 273.551. Any person engaging in onshore exploration that disturbs more than one surface acre or involves drilling to greater than 50 feet shall obtain an exploration permit.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Texas/Exploration +In Texas, geothermal exploration on state lands or lands with state interests require either a Prospect Permit or a Geothermal Lease from the Texas General Land Office (GLO). In addition, a If the developer will conduct seismic work on state lands, then they must also obtain a Seismic Permit from the GLO.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Utah/Exploration +In Utah, no exploration permit is required for non-invasive exploration activities, i.e., activities that fall short of drilling for the discovery or production of geothermal resources.  +
RAPID/Geothermal/Washington/Exploration +Land Use License  +