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MHK Technologies/Archimedes Wave Swing +The relative movement between the floater and the lower part, or silo, is converted to electricity by means of a hydraulic system and motor-generator set.  +
MHK Technologies/Atlantis AN 150 +The AN400 turbine uses Aquafoils to capture the kinetic energy present in the flow of water which drives a chain drive system powering 2 X 75kW induction generators  +
MHK Technologies/C5 +When a float is raised, a piston in the cylinder presses oil into the machines common transmission system with a pressure of up to 200 bar 2900 psi. The pressure drives a hydraulic motor that is connected to a generator.  +
MHK Technologies/CETO Wave Energy Technology +The Buoyant Actuator is connected to a tether (marine rope) that creates a vertical upward force which actuates the seabed mounted piston pump. This force pressurises fluid in the CETO system. The high pressure fluid is then sent ashore via a subsea pipeline. Onshore the fluid passes through a standard hydroelectric turbine to generate zero-emission electricity and/or through a reverse osmosis plant to directly create zero-emission desalinated water (replacing greenhouse gas emitting electrically driven pumps usually required for such plants).  +
MHK Technologies/Canal Power +Direct drive from propeller to generator.  +
MHK Technologies/Centipod +Fluid drives the hydroelectric generating system providing cost competitive electric power.  +
MHK Technologies/CoRMaT +The turbine directly drives a flooded permanent magnet contra rotating generator without a gearbox. The flooded generator is cooled passively by the water eliminating parasitic energy losses associated with gearbox driven water tight active oil based gearbox generator cooling systems and power absorbing shaft seals.  +
MHK Technologies/Current Catcher +It uses cones to increase the velocity of the ocean current and to direct it to the turbine blades to maximize the production of energy which in turn is transferred through electrical swivels.  +
MHK Technologies/Direct Drive Power Generation Buoy +Direct-drive-rotary mechanical to electric power train  +
MHK Technologies/OTEC +Current facility is land-based (offshore pipelines draw the deep and surface seawater required). Electrical connection to the grid is accomplished on land. Future plants will be house on an offshore platform and require a dynamic power cable to shore.  +
MHK Technologies/Power Distribution Hub +Currently in use is a 24KV system with current rating of 630amps  +
MHK Technologies/StingRAY (Columbia Power) +Direct-drive-rotary mechanical to electric power train  +
MHK Technologies/gyrowavegen +Patents pending proprietary sealed technology. PTO unit and all electronics completely isolated from ocean environment. Can also be sealed using an inert gas, such as nitrogen. High efficiency transfer that is always optimized and fully tuneable. Many optimization parameters.  +