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Description Describes the fundamental science behind the technique.

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Active Seismic Techniques +See [[Seismic Techniques]]  +
Airborne Gravity Survey +The physical property of interest is the gravity gradient, which is the rate of change of the gravitational field in a determined direction. For example, the vertical gravity gradient is the change in the gravity vector with depth in the z-direction. The unit of measurement for the gravity gradient is the Eotvos, equivalent to 10-4 mGal/m. <br><br>Also, see [[Ground Gravity Survey]].  +
Audio-Magnetotellurics +See [[Magnetotelluric Techniques]]; [[Electrical Techniques]]  +
Borehole Seismic Techniques +See [[Seismic Techniques]]  +
Controlled Source Audio MT +See [[Magnetotelluric Techniques]]; [[Electrical Techniques]]  +
Core Analysis +In-situ stress magnitude and orientation.  +
DC Resistivity Survey (Dipole-Dipole Array) +''See [[Electrical Techniques]]; [[Direct-Current Resistivity Survey]]''  +
DC Resistivity Survey (Mise-A-La-Masse) +''See [[Electrical Techniques]]; [[Direct-Current Resistivity Survey]]''  +
DC Resistivity Survey (Pole-Dipole Array) +See [[Electrical Techniques]]  +
DC Resistivity Survey (Schlumberger Array) +See [[Electrical Techniques]]  +
DC Resistivity Survey (Wenner Array) +See [[Electrical Techniques]]  +
Direct-Current Resistivity Survey +See [[Electrical Techniques]]  +
Electrical Profiling Configurations +See [[Electrical Techniques]]  +
Electromagnetic Profiling Techniques +See [[Electromagnetic Techniques]]; [[Electrical Techniques]]  +
Electromagnetic Sounding Techniques +See [[Electromagnetic Techniques]]; [[Electrical Techniques]]  +
Frequency-Domain Electromagnetic Survey +Frequency-domain EM induction tools obey Faraday’s Law of EM Induction. The measured quantities are the amplitude and phase of the secondary magnetic field.  +
Gravity Techniques +The fundamental physical laws defining the behavior of the gravitational field are Newton's Law of Attraction and Newton's Second Law. The gravitational field at a point is measured in milligals (mGal). The total gravity field and directional gradients of the gravity field can be measured.<br><br>1 Gal=1cm/s^2=1000 mGal<br><br> Density is the physical property of interest for a gravity survey. Density is an intrinsic property of a material and is measured in mass per unit volume (kg/m^3).  +
Ground Electromagnetic Techniques +See [[Electromagnetic Techniques]]; [[Electrical Techniques]]  +
Ground Gravity Survey +See [[Gravity Techniques]]  +
Ground Magnetics +See [[Magnetic Techniques]]  +
Magnetotellurics +See [[Magnetotelluric Techniques]]; [[Electrical Techniques]]  +
Micro-Earthquake +See [[Seismic Techniques]]  +
Microgravity-Hybrid Microgravity +See [[Gravity Techniques]]  +
Passive Seismic Techniques +See [[Seismic Techniques]]  +
Reflection Survey +See [[Seismic Techniques]]  +