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Property Name PRIMRE STEM Subject
Property Type Text
Description The category of a resource or lesson plan for the PRIMRE/STEM/Resources section.
Allows Values Biology;Chemistry;Env Science;Engineering;Geology;Physics

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PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/A Primer on Wave Energy: Wave Energy Devices +Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Buoyancy (Lesson Plan) +Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Buoyancy (Worksheet 2) +Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Buoyancy (Worksheet) +Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Catch the Wave! +Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Coastal Studies Institute Program – Renewable Ocean Energy +Env Science  +, Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Do As the Romans: Construct an Aqueduct +Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Energy from the Oceans: The New Renewable +Env Science  +, Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Exploring Ocean Energy and Resources +Env Science  +, Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Exploring our Fluid Earth +Biology  +, Env Science  +, Chemistry  +,
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Hands-on Activity: Falling Water +Env Science  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Honors Marine Biology Course +Biology  +, Env Science  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Let's Make Waves +Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Make Electricity with Waves +Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Marine Invertebrates (Lesson Plan) +Env Science  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Marine Invertebrates (Plankton) +Biology  +, Env Science  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Marine Invertebrates (Worksheet) +Env Science  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Marine Invertebrates: Digital Lesson +Env Science  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Mechanical Advantage with Pulleys (Answer Sheet) +Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Mechanical Advantage with Pulleys (Lesson Plan) +Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Mechanical Advantage with Pulleys (Worksheet) +Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Ocean Energy Could Be the Wave of the Future +Env Science  +, Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Ocean Power: Four Activities +Env Science  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion +Engineering  +
PRIMRE/STEM/Resources/Ocean Waves in a Bottle +Engineering  +