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10 Million U.S. Department of Energy Grant Program Begins at Raft River +U.S. Geothermal Inc.  +
1992-1993 Low-Temperature Geothermal Assessment Program, Colorado +Colorado Geological Survey Department of Natural Resource  +
2007 Annual Report +Enel S.p.A.  +
40 South Energy#Founder +40 South Energy  +
48 North Solutions#CEO_and_Co-Founder +48 North Solutions  +
4c Engineering Consultancy#CEO +4c Engineering Consultancy  +
4c Engineering Consultancy#Design_Director_(Owner) +4c Engineering Consultancy  +
A Geological and Geophysical Study of Chena Hot Springs, Alaksa +University of Alaska  +
A Review of Regulatory and Policy Requirements for Hydrokinetic Power Projects in New York State +New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)  +
A Study of Production/lnjection Data from Slim Holes and Large-Diameter Wells at the Takigami Geothermal Field, Kyushu, Japan +Sandia National Laboratories  +
A Time-Domain Electromagnetic Survey of the East Rift Zone Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii +Colorado School of Mines  +
A hydrogeochemical comparison of the Waunita Hot Springs, Hortense, Castle Rock and Anderson Hot Springs +Colorado Geological Survey in Cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy  +
A revised conceptual model and analysis of production data for the ahuachapan-chipilapa geothermal field in el Salvador +Geothermal Training Program  +
ACE-II: Areas of Conservation Emphasis +California Department of Fish & Wildlife  +
ADL Ventures#American-Made_Network_contact +ADL Ventures  +
AHI +Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology  +
AHS160(formerly Daedalus) +ArgonST  +
AISA-Eagle +Specim Spectral Imaging Ltd.  +
AISA-Hawk +Specim Spectral Imaging Ltd.  +
ALI +U. S. Geological Survey  +
ALOS +Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency  +
APT spol. s r.o.#Marketing_supervisor +APT spol. s r.o.  +
ARES +DLR German Aerospace Center, GFZ GeoResearch Center  +
ARKASA#American-Made_Challenge_Contact +ARKASA  +