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Property Name OpenEI/Tool Users
Property Type String
Description Used with Template:Tool to define tool users

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ActiveGreenScore +Consumers  +
Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles Pilot Program Emissions Benefit Tool +Policy makers and planners.  +
Applied Dynamic Analysis of the Global Economy (ADAGE) Model +Policy analysts  +, decision-makers  +
Asia-Pacific Integrated Model (AIM) +Policy analysts  +, decision-makers  +
Assessing Green Jobs Potential in Developing Countries: A Practitioner's Guide +Policy makers  +
Automatic Deployment Options Projection Tool (ADOPT) +Policy makers  +
BITES +Analysts  +, Policymakers  +, Energy Educators  +
Bioenergy KDF +Researchers  +
CDM Sustainable Development Tool +Project developers.  +
COMMUTER Model +Policy makers and regional planning coordinators.  +
CRED: A New Model of Climate and Development +Policy analysts  +, decision-makers  +
CRiSTAL Forests +Planners  +, decision-makers  +, project managers  +
CRiSTAL VS +Policy makers  +, Planners  +, decision-makers  +,
Clean Development Mechanism +Potential CDM project developers  +
Clean Home Massachusetts +Homeowners  +, Consumers  +
ClearPath +Policy makers  +
Climate Rapid Overview and Decision Support (C-ROADS) Simulator +Government leaders and policy makers.  +
ClimateTechWiki +decision makers  +, media  +, academia  +,
Co-benefits Evaluation Tools +Policy makers  +
Co-benefits Risk Assessment (COBRA) Screening Model +Government analysts  +, environmental planners  +, energy officials and transportation planners  +
Comparepower +Deregulated Energy Consumers  +
ConsumerAffairs Solar Energy Guide +Consumers interested in clean energy such as solar energy  +
DNE21+ +Policy makers  +
E3MG +Policy analysts  +, decision-makers  +
ENV-Linkages-KEI Model +Policy analysts and decision-makers.  +