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Property Name NEPA Resources/Type
Property Type Text
Description a list of the various types of NEPA Resources

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BulkTransmission/Access and Transportation +Access and Transportation  +
BulkTransmission/Air Quality +Air Quality  +
BulkTransmission/Areas of Critical Environmental Concern +Areas of Critical Environmental Concern  +
BulkTransmission/BLM Sensitive Species +BLM Sensitive Species  +
BulkTransmission/Cultural Resources +Cultural Resources  +
BulkTransmission/Economic Values +Economic Values  +
BulkTransmission/Environmental Justice +Environmental Justice  +
BulkTransmission/Fire Resources +Fire Resources  +
BulkTransmission/Fisheries Resources +Fisheries Resources  +
BulkTransmission/Floodplains +Floodplains  +
BulkTransmission/Geology and Minerals +Geology and Minerals  +
BulkTransmission/Intentional Destructive Acts +Intentional Destructive Acts  +
BulkTransmission/Invasive, Nonnative Species +Invasive, Nonnative Species  +
BulkTransmission/Lands and Realty +Lands and Realty  +
BulkTransmission/Lands with Wilderness Characteristics +Lands with Wilderness Characteristics  +
BulkTransmission/Migratory Birds +Migratory Birds  +
BulkTransmission/Native American Concerns +Native American Concerns  +
BulkTransmission/Noise +Noise  +
BulkTransmission/Paleontological Resources +Paleontological Resources  +
BulkTransmission/Prime or Unique Farmlands +Prime or Unique Farmlands  +
BulkTransmission/Public Health and Safety +Public Health and Safety  +
BulkTransmission/Range Resources +Range Resources  +
BulkTransmission/Recreation +Recreation  +
BulkTransmission/Social Values +Social Values  +
BulkTransmission/Soils +Soils  +