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MHK Projects/40MW Lewis project +1/1/2011 Seabed lease secured  +, 1/1/2012 Offshore and onshore consents applications submitted  +, 6/1/2012 Grid connection offered and accepted  +
MHK Projects/Brough Head Wave Farm +1/1/2010 Seabed lease secured  +
MHK Projects/CETO La Reunion +1/1/2011 Deployment Q2, 2012  +
MHK Projects/CETO3 Garden Island +3/1/2011 CETO3 commercial unit was design, fabricated and deployed off Garden Island in 25m of water in mid-2011.  +
MHK Projects/Coos Bay OPT Wave Park +3/1/2010 OPT reapplies for Preliminary Permit  +
MHK Projects/Cornwall Wave Hub +7/15/2009 Commitment agreement signed for Wave Hub  +, 7/30/2010 Cable installation commences  +, 7/30/2011 Cable Installation completed  +
MHK Projects/DeltaStream +5/1/2012 Marine renewables company Tidal Energy is planning to install the first array of its DeltaStream technology by 2016/17.  +
MHK Projects/DeltaStream Pembrokeshire +5/1/2012 Marine renewables company Tidal Energy is planning to install the first array of its DeltaStream technology by 2016/17.  +
MHK Projects/Evopod E1 1 10 scale grid connected demonstrator +6/1/2008 Stage 1: Proving the platform and mooring system. E1 was launched and installed onto its pre-laid moorings over one period of slack water and was immediately generating power. The 1.5m diameter unit was heavily instrumented and measured power generation, mooring load and device motion data. The power generated was dumped into 4 internal resistors.  +, 3/6/2011 Stage 2: Successful power export and grid connection. After going through a system upgrade, the device was reinstalled with the ability to export power to the Queen's University Marine Laboratory. On this day in 2011 the E1 achieved a world first for successfully feeding power from a floating tidal turbine into the grid.  +
MHK Projects/Evopod E35 35kW grid connected demonstrator +7/6/2010 Oceanflow Energy awarded just over £500,000 to build and deploy a 35kW Evopod, by Scottish Enterprise, the business development arm of the Scottish Government.  +, 1/1/2011 Extensive environmental monitoring programme at the proposed site commences. Includes seabed studies, and wildlife monitoring. Monitoring continues throughout 2011.  +, 10/12/2011 Agreement for Lease awarded by The Crown Estate for the use of the seabed at Sanda Sound.  +
MHK Projects/Falmouth +4/11/2012 Cornwall’s marine energy test site FabTest in Falmouth has welcomed its first wave converter - Fred Olsen’s BOLT “Lifesaver” – to its waters. The machine, previously called BOLT 2, was manu-factured at A&P’s yard facility in Falmouth and installed at the calm water off-grid test site.  +
MHK Projects/Gujarat +4/30/2012 Atlantis Resources Corp., a tidal-turbine maker backed by Morgan Stanley (MS) (MS), is developing a marine energy project in the Gulf of Kutch with the Gujarat Power Corp  +
MHK Projects/ITRI WEC +2013 September 20 kW deploy 2015 20 kW grid connect  +
MHK Projects/Makai Ocean Energy Research Center +2009 - received funding to build the closed cycle OTEC plant, also known as the OTEC heat exchanger test facility. 2011 - dedication of the completed HX facility 2013 - received additional funds to install a 100kW turbine 2014 - installing turbine and connecting to the U.S. grid  +
MHK Projects/Minas Basin Bay of Fundy Commercial Scale Demonstration +7/1/2010 Scale bearing tested complete;Tank Testing of scale turbine to verify design complete  +, 8/1/2010 Scale PMG manufactured and testing ongoing; Design Gate review  +, 9/1/2010 Full scale bearing tests  +,
MHK Projects/Modeling the Physical and Biochemical Influence of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plant Discharges into their Adjacent Waters +6/1/2011 Validate HIROM model using the new oceano data  +, 12/1/2011 Run various scenarios to optimize Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide environmental impact and cost  +, 9/1/2011 Implement eutrophication modeling for in-situ Hawaiian waters  +,
MHK Projects/NJBPU 1 5 MW Demonstration Program +10/1/2005 PB40 Prototype was deployed off NJ for ocean testing  +, 10/1/2006 PB40 Prototype was removed from its ocean test site for maintenance  +, 10/1/2007 PB40 Prototype was redeployed off NJ for 2nd year of ocean testing  +,
MHK Projects/Orkney +7/8/2008 Signature of Berth Agreement allows single 150 kW PowerBuoy grid connection. Also, expandable up to 2 MW (i.e., 13 x PB150's)  +, 7/1/2010 Sea trials in Moray Firth  +, 11/30/2009 Secure relevant consents (CPA, FEPA and Decommissioning Approvals).  +,
MHK Projects/Oyster 1 Project +1/1/2008 Consent for installation granted  +, 6/1/2008 Fabrication  +, 1/1/2009 Installation and grid-connection  +,
MHK Projects/Oyster 800 Project +1/1/2010 Consent for installation of one machine granted (Oyster 800)  +, 1/1/2011 Fabrication of Oyster 800  +, 6/1/2011 Installation of Oyster 800  +,
MHK Projects/Paimpol Brehat tidal farm +1/1/2004 Project was initiated  +, 1/1/2008 Work Began  +, 10/22/2011 Turbine successfully deployed on site  +
MHK Projects/Perth Wave Energy Project PWEP +1/1/2009 Detailed design underway, Construction and commissioning of the Project will occur in 2013 with first power due for delivery into the grid at the end of 2013.  +
MHK Projects/Reedsport OPT Wave Park +2/1/2007 Preliminary FERC Application Issued  +, 7/1/2007 Preliminary Application Document & Notice of Intent Filed  +, 2/1/2010 License Application Filed  +,
MHK Projects/Reedsport OPT Wave Park Expanded Project +2/1/2010 OPT reapplies for Preliminary Permit  +
MHK Projects/Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy RITE +1/1/2002 Gen3 KHPS tow testing (3.05 m diameter, vessel-mounted). Dynamometry data gathered, utilized to develop next generation full-scale units for demonstration.  +, 4/14/2005 FERC Declaratory Order ("Verdant Order") allowing for testing of grid-connected KHPS at RITE Project without requiring licensing under the Federal Power Act.  +, 12/12/2006 RITE Demonstration (2006 - 08) - Six 5m KHPS turbines operated in array - 1 dynamometry turbine; 5 generator turbines (rated 35kW) connected to two commercial end users. 70 MWh delivered; 9,000 turbine hours logged. Operational and environmental monitoring data utilized to submit license application for commercial development of project and advancement of technology to commercial class.  +,