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Property Name LeadAgency
Property Type Page
Description Lead Agency for a given permit/regulation

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Antelope Valley Neset +Rural Utilities Service  +
BLM-NV-WN-ES-08-01-1310, NV-020-08-01 +Bureau of Land Management  +
Barren Ridge Renewable Transmission +Bureau of Land Management  +
Big Eddy-Knight +Bonneville Power Admin  +
Boardman to Hemingway +Bureau of Land Management  +
Bordertown to California Transmission +United States Forest Service  +
CA-96062042 +U.S. Forest Service  +
Cameron to Milford-138kV Transmission Line +Bureau of Land Management  +
Central Ferry Lower Monumental +Bonneville Power Admin  +
DNA-NV-030-09-03 +Bureau of Land Management  +
DOE-EA-1116 +United States Department of Energy  +
DOE-EA-1621 +United States Department of Energy  +
DOE-EA-1676 +United States Department of Energy  +
DOE-EA-1733 +United States Department of Energy  +
DOE-EA-1759 +United States Department of Energy  +
DOE-EA-1849 +United States Department of Energy  +
DOE-EA-1961 +United States Department of Energy  +
DOE-EIS-0298 +United States Department of Energy  +, Bonneville Power Admin  +, Bureau of Land Management  +,
DOI-BLM-CA-017-05-051 +Bureau of Land Management  +
DOI-BLM-CA-017-P006-60 +Bureau of Land Management  +
DOI-BLM-CA-170-02-15 +Bureau of Land Management  +
DOI-BLM-CA-650-2005-086 +Bureau of Land Management  +
DOI-BLM-CA-670-2010-107 +Bureau of Land Management  +
DOI-BLM-CA-670-2010-CX +BLM California State Office  +
DOI-BLM-CA-C050-2009-0005-EA +Bureau of Land Management  +